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  • 20. October 2020
    Fund Market Statistics – September 2020

    In September 2020, the volume of assets placed in the investment funds covered by the statistics compiled by Swiss Fund Data AG and Morningstar stood at CHF 1,248.5 billion, a slight increase of CHF 1.4 billion or 0.1% month-on-month. Net inflows totaled CHF 2.8 billion.

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  • 25. September 2020
    Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association SFAMA and Asset Management Platform Switzerland join forces

    Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association SFAMA and Asset Management Platform SwitzerlSwitzerland is an important centre for asset management, both within Europe and worldwide. With a view to strengthening its position further, the Asset Management Platform (AMP) Switzerland and the Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association SFAMA will merge in autumn 2020 to form the Asset Management Association Switzerland.

    The merger is intended to strengthen the systematic focus on asset
    management even further and to underscore its economic importance. The
    aim of creating and maintaining a favourable political and regulatory
    environment for the industry in Switzerland remains unchanged.

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  • 24. September 2020
    New members

    The Board of Directors and the Executive Board are very glad to welcome the following new member:
    - CapstoneLaw
    - UBS Asset Management Switzerland AG

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  • 21. September 2020
    Press release 13/2020

    Swiss fund market posts further growth

    Fund market statistics - August 2020
  • 14. September 2020
    ESMA addresses delegation of portfolio management functions in context of AIFMD review

    On 18 August 2020, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published a letter addressed to the European Commission concerning the review of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). The letter covers topics including the delegation of portfolio management functions to third parties and the question of substance. In particular, it states that delegation to third parties outside the EU is likely to increase following Brexit, which in ESMA’s view may increase operational and supervisory risks and raise questions as to whether AIFs and UCITS can still be effectively managed by the licensed AIFM or UCITS management companies.

    Understandably, ESMA’s statements have sparked debate among our members. They should be assessed first and foremost in the context of the latest political developments, especially as regards Brexit. We firmly believe that the existing delegation model functions well and that it is very important not only for asset managers from third countries, but also for the success of the AIFM/UCITS model itself as well as for markets and investors within the EU. It is therefore essential to retain it. We will continue to keep a close eye on
    developments and play an active role in this discussion via the usual EFAMA channels. We will keep our members up to date on developments, in particular at our next information events in November.

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  • 07. September 2020
    Update: Berufliche Vorsorge - Verordnungen werden aktualisiert

    Am 4.9.2020 hat das BSV ergänzend zum Verordnungstext und den Materialien eine Mitteilung zur Auslegung der revidierten Bestimmungen zu den Infrastrukturanlagen (Art. 53 und 55 BVV2) publiziert. Damit klärt das BSV Auslegungsfragen zum Hebelverbot bei Infrastrukturanlagen, die sich aufgrund des nach der Vernehmlassung angepassten Erläuterungsberichts ergeben haben.

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  • 26. August 2020
    Berufliche Vorsorge: Verordnungen werden aktualisiert

    Der Bundesrat hat an seiner Sitzung vom 26. August 2020 punktuelle Anpassungen von vier Verordnungen zur beruflichen Vorsorge verabschiedet. Mit dieser Revision werden die Bestimmungen an aktuelle finanzielle und versicherungstechnische Entwicklungen angepasst und mehrere Parlamentsaufträge umgesetzt, namentlich eine Motion betreffend Anlagen in Infrastrukturen. Der angepasste Art. 55 BVV2 sieht neu eine separate Anlagebegrenzung für Anlagen in Infrastrukturen von 10% bezogen auf das Gesamtvermögen vor. Bis anhin wurden Anlagen in Infrastrukturen unter «alternative Anlagen» subsumiert. Die Verordnungsänderungen treten am 1. Oktober 2020 in Kraft.