2018 - 2017


Circular 07/2018
FATCA certifications
Circular 06/2018
PRIIPs Regulation – latest news
Circular 05/2018
SFAMA Specialist Recommendation on Risk Management
Circular 03/2018
25rd Annual General Meeting of SFAMA on 16 March 2018 / documents
Circular 02/2018
Invitation to the 25th Annual General Meeting of SFAMA on 16 March 2018

Fee: CHF 15.00

Circular 01/2018
EFAMA Position Paper on the Review of the European System of Financial Supervision


Circular 20/2017
Questionnaire for the monitoring of distributors of collective investment schemes
Circular 18/2017
ESAs’ reform – Pressure on delegation models?
Circular 17/2017
SFAMA / MIFID II – PRIIPs: Service providers’ overview with focus on investor protection
Circular 14/2017
Example for a declaration in accordance with Art. 48f seqq. OPO 2
Circular 08/2017
FMIO-FINMA: FINMA modifies reporting requirement for parties with the power to exercise
Circular 07/2017
Financial Market Infrastructure Act - FINMA Guidance 01/2017: Deadlines for the exchange of collateral
Circular 03/2017
PRIIP Regulation - latest news