2020 - 2019

Circular 08/2020

28. Generalversammlung der Asset Management Association Switzerland und Swiss Asset Management Forum 2021 am 24. September 2021

Circular 05/2020
Measures in times of COVID-19 – examples from outside Switzerland
Circular 04/2020
Swinging single pricing and spreads in times of high price volatility and transaction costs
Circular 03/2020
Collective investment schemes in times of unusually high volatility and restricted liquidity
Circular 02/2020
Court recess in civil and administrative proceedings / stay of deadlines also affects 30-day deadline for investors for objecting to amendments to fund contracts under Art. 27 para. 3 CISA
Circular 01/2020
Invitation to the 27th Annual General Meeting of SFAMA on 20 March 2021

Zirkulare 2019

Circular 05/2019
Sustainable finance: ESMA proposes more stringent requirements for delegated acts in respect of UCITSD and AIFMD
Circular 04/2018
26ème Assemblée générale de la SFAMA et Swiss Funds & Asset Management Forum 2019
Circular 03/2019
26th Annual General Meeting of SFAMA on 22 March 2019 / documents
Circular 02/2019
Invitation à la 26ème Assemblée générale ordinaire de la SFAMA du 22 mars 2021
Zirkular 01/2019
Aktualisierung der Fachinformation Ausgabe von Immobilienfondsanteile (the document is not available in the current language Englisch, but in another language)