For the financial centre

Asset management has developed into a strong and growing pillar of the Swiss financial centre.
Asset management substantially contributes to the growth and reputation of the Swiss financial centre. Switzerland is one of the largest and most dynamic asset management hubs in Europe. Asset management companies based in Switzerland manage roughly CHF 3,000 billion for domestic and international investors. They enjoy a strong reputation in serving institutional clients. Furthermore, the Swiss asset management industry is a world leader in the field of sustainable investments.

Asset management contributes to the stability of financial markets.
As asset managers provide their services on behalf of their clients, they are not the owners of the assets they manage, nor do they enter into any significant counterparty risks. As a result, they do not pose a major risk to the stability of the financial market.

Generating jobs and tax revenue
Swiss-based asset managers employ thousands of highly qualified investment specialists. Taking into account all the people who are employed in activities related either directly or indirectly to asset management, the industry is not only a major provider of high-value employment, but also a significant contributor to cantonal and national tax revenues.