AMAS expands the Datacenter

  • 5 settembre 2022
    AMAS expands the Datacenter

    The "AMAS Datacenter" is now available to our members in a greatly expanded and revised version. We have expanded the offer in the individual categories so that data can now be accessed in greater detail.The "AMAS Datacenter", launched last April, allows comprehensive access and download of data and statistics on the fund and asset management industry in Switzerland.We make current data on the following topics available in a collected form:

    - Asset Management
    - Pension & Savings
    - Sustainability
    - Swiss Fund Market

    All figures and graphics can be exported as images, PDF or Excel files and used for personal purposes. The second, revised version of the data center offers a greatly expanded range of data, a clearer look and simplified navigation.

    AMAS Datacenter