• 24 novembre 2022
    Pacta Climate Test 2022: Potential for climate-friendly financial flows

    In the PACTA Climate Test published today, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) has again taken stock of the climate compatibility of financial flows. While the FOEN identifies potential for further development in the report, AMAS points out that Swiss asset managers provide their clients also with other transparent methods for the differentiated assessment of the climate compatibility of a portfolio.

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  • 9 novembre 2022
    Vorwürfe an Schweizer Asset Manager und falsche Thesen im Buch «Das Rentendebakel»: Die AMAS bezieht Stellung

    Im kürzlich erschienenen Buch «Das Rentendebakel» weisen die Autoren auf Systemfehler im Schweizer Vorsorgesystem der 2. Säule hin und verurteilen die Finanzindustrie pauschal, Vorsorgegelder zu verspielen. Die AMAS hatte im Vorfeld zu einem Fragenkatalog der Autoren für das Buch ausführlich Stellung genommen. Die Antworten der AMAS sind in dem Buch jedoch kaum und nur mit Weglassungen berücksichtigt worden. Um das verzerrte und teils schlicht falsche Bild zu berichtigen, welches in dem Buch zur Rolle der Asset Manager im Schweizer Vorsorgesystem gezeichnet wird, legt die AMAS zu den Hauptpunkten hier nochmals die Fakten dar.

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  • 1 novembre 2022
    Willkommen Guillaume Toffel!

    Guillaume stösst als Senior Legal Counsel zur AMAS, nachdem er zuvor in der Abteilung Asset Management der FINMA tätig war. Er studierte Rechtswissenschaften in Freiburg, Heidelberg und Philadelphia (UPenn). Er verfügt über ein Anwaltspatent und war als Anwalt in Genf und anschliessend bei einer Beratungsfirma tätig.

  • 5 ottobre 2022
    AMAS and SSF present template for calculating Swiss Climate Scores

    The Swiss Climate Scores (SCS), launched by the State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) in June 2022, establish best-practice transparency on the Paris-alignment of financial investments to foster investment decisions that contribute to reaching the climate goals. The SCS introduce six indicators which are based on existing and internationally established criteria and methods.To clarify open issues, upon publication of these indicators, AMAS and SSF in a joint working group initiated the work to create a template that guarantees standardised calculation of the different indicators and uniformly displays results. Through the extensive know-how from experts in the field, AMAS and SSF are now able to present an excel template that supports Swiss actors in providing comparable reports on the Swiss Climate Scores. This template, based on expert consensus, is available to the general public and supplies users with needed definitions and calculations to be able to better understand and report on the recommended indicators. SIF encourages financial players to voluntarily report on these six indicators on a portfolio level to fulfil the SCS, creating comparable data sets for stakeholders. The Federal Council recommends that Swiss financial market players apply the SCS to financial investments and client portfolios where appropriate.This first version of this template is a starting point and will be tested by industry players. We thank all members of our joint working group on Sustainable Finance that contributed to the development of this tool. We welcome any feedbacks for future improvements.

    Swiss Climate Scores
  • 26 settembre 2022
    Sustainable finance: AMAS introduces self-regulation for asset managers and designers of collective investment products

    AMAS continues to raise the bar for quality and transparency of sustainable assets managed collectively with its new self-regulation framework for sustainable finance. This framework lays down the organisational requirements for financial institutions, as well as for product design and disclosures to investors. With this voluntary self-regulation framework, AMAS raises the standards of the Swiss financial centre in sustainable finance, both in Switzerland and abroad.
    For the first time, financial institutions that design and manage collective sustainable investment products will be subject to binding and self-regulated standards, along with disclosure obligations.
    The "Self-regulation on transparency and disclosure for collective assets with sustainability relevance" was developed under a broad-based approach. It will come into force on 30 September 2023. With its explicit references to both institutional and product levels, it dovetails with the self-regulation process of client advisory that the Swiss Bankers Association has introduced.

    Sustainable Finance
  • 5 settembre 2022
    AMAS expands the Datacenter

    The "AMAS Datacenter" is now available to our members in a greatly expanded and revised version. We have expanded the offer in the individual categories so that data can now be accessed in greater detail.The "AMAS Datacenter", launched last April, allows comprehensive access and download of data and statistics on the fund and asset management industry in Switzerland.We make current data on the following topics available in a collected form:

    - Asset Management
    - Pension & Savings
    - Sustainability
    - Swiss Fund Market

    All figures and graphics can be exported as images, PDF or Excel files and used for personal purposes. The second, revised version of the data center offers a greatly expanded range of data, a clearer look and simplified navigation.

    AMAS Datacenter
  • 25 agosto 2022
    Withholding tax: A sensible reform

    The Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS) supports the campaign in favor of the reform of the withholding tax. This is because the reform is a tax prerequisite that promotes favorable conditions for the Swiss capital market. AMAS strives to promote this goal and is publishing the position paper "A sensible reform of the withholding tax that will bring additional tax revenue and new jobs to Switzerland".

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  • 24 agosto 2022
    Net zero: financial centre creates transparency on status of voluntary commitment

    Switzerland has set itself the goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. All sectors of the economy need to contribute actively to achieving that goal.The new study "Setting sail for a carbon-neutral future: Net Zero Insights 2022" creates transparency on the status of the financial centre’s voluntary commitment to net zero for the first time: currently, 62% of the total assets of Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) members are committed to the aims of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA). Likewise, 62% of the assets managed by members of the Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS) are pledged to the Net Zero Asset Managers (NZAM) initiative, while 48% of the total premium volume of Swiss Insurance Association (SIA) members is covered by the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA).There is still a long way to go, but the proportion of financing solutions, assets and insurance premiums committed to the net-zero target is growing.

    Net Zero Insights 2022
  • 23 agosto 2022
    Swiss Asset Management Study 2022 – Looming clouds after a record year of growth

    The asset management industry complements the Swiss financial industry with high operational efficiency and with a differentiating value proposition, as the Swiss Asset Management Study 2022 of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Asset Management Association Switzerland shows. With sustainable investment having entered center stage as the most important opportunity the asset management industry in Switzerland stays on a growth path despite facing headwinds. The study also highlights where the battlegrounds of the Swiss asset management hub are to improve its competitiveness and performance.

    Swiss Asset Management Study 2022
  • 22 agosto 2022
    New platform for further education offers in asset management

    Lifelong learning has a high priority in Switzerland. The asset management industry is also characterized by constantly changing demands on employees. Only constant learning allows us to keep up with the latest developments. In order to take this into account, AMAS has together with the digital platform Evrlearn compiled a selection of recommended training and further education courses specifically tailored to employees in asset management. The offers are categorized on the platform, for example in the areas of Sustainable Finance, Private Markets, Blockchain & Crypto or Sales & Marketing. Seize the opportunity of this new AMAS service!

    Evrlearn platform