Our goals

Sustainable finance refers to any form of financial service integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the business or investment decisions for the lasting benefit of both clients and society at large.

AMAS aims to establish Switzerland as a leading hub for sustainable finance. This goal is in line with the Federal Council's financial centre strategy and the commitment of the financial industry as a whole to play an active role in the transition to a more sustainable and globally carbon-free economy in order to achieve the 2050 climate targets.

Asset managers play an intermediary role between the real economy and investors and can influence and collaborate with business enterprises in their transition to more sustainable business models.

AMAS ensures that the Swiss financial centre continues to expand its strong position in sustainable finance while maintaining high quality standards and avoiding greenwashing.

A Swiss hub for sustainable finance should be characterised by high-quality asset and portfolio management that generates sustainable value creation and forms a Swiss ecosystem for sustainable finance together with authorities, universities and the domestic economy.

Sustainable Finance im Video -Staffel 2

Mit dieser Serie mit Video-Clips zum Thema Sustainable Finance und möchte die AMAS für einmal nicht das Expertenwissen unserer Mitglieder und von Finanzplatzakteure erweitern. Vielmehr möchten wir eine breitere Öffentlichkeit an ein Thema heranführen, das derzeit in aller Munde ist, zu dem aber noch viel Erklärungsbedarf besteht.

Susrainable Finance videos

With this series of video clips on the topic of sustainable finance, AMAS for once does not want to expand the expert knowledge of our members and financial centre players for once. Rather, we would like to introduce a broader public to a topic that is currently on everyone's lips, but on which there is still a lot of need for explanation.