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Donnerstag, 19. November 2020 I Zürich


"Turn Data into Gold – Data as the new Asset"

Since several years Big Data is one of the most heard buzzwords in the financial industry. But while banks and asset managers sit on huge heaps of data, they do not really tap into them. Now the data diggers are out, and just like more than a century ago during the Gold Rush, we may reach new peaks. Increased concerns are being raised about the giants that deal in data, the gold of the digital era. These titans—Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft—are seemingly unstoppable. Revealing the new gold will be key for keeping up the competition and to be ready to fight the digital titans.

SWISS FUND DAY has been initiated in 2006 by several representatives of the fund- and asset management industry as a conference platform to present and discuss topics in the area of operations, regulations, information technology, systems and processes. With this range of topics our event has to this day a unique selling proposition. From the very beginning it has enabled us to present current topics in an impartial and comprehensive way from the perspective of practitioners.

19.11.2020 13:00 Uhr
19.11.2020 19:00 Uhr
Park Hyatt Zurich, Beethoven-Strasse 21, 8002 Zürich