Current Swiss fund market data

In May 2021, the volume of assets placed in the investment funds covered by the statistics compiled by Swiss Fund Data AG and Morningstar stood at CHF 1,435.9 billion. This corresponds to a month-on-month increase of CHF 11.2 billion or 0.8%. Net inflows totaled CHF 5.7 billion.

Swiss Asset Management Study 2020

The total volume of assets managed by asset managers in Switzerland amounts to CHF 2,519 billion. This corresponds to a year-on-year growth of 16.5 percent. Net new asset inflows in 2019 are estimated to be almost CHF 100 billion. Click here for these and other interesting facts in the recently published third edition of the Swiss Asset Management Study.

Sustainable Asset Management

Switzerland has tremendous potential as a centre of excellence in sustainable investment. Our financial services industry is heading in the direction of making sustainable investment the norm. Here you find some useful information on the topic of sustainability / ESG such as the new «Swiss Sustainable Investment Market Study 2020», recommendations for sustainability criteria in the investment process and the brochure «Sustainable Finance in Switzerland».

A contribution to the pension system

Asset managers manage the pensions and savings of millions of people in Switzerland, the EU and globally. By investing and managing investment risks on behalf of pension funds, asset managers contribute to the health and sustainability of pension systems. The third contributor (market returns) plays an important role here, as current proposals for solutions to close the Swiss pension gap show.

Why Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the largest centres for asset management in Europe and globally. It stands out as one of the most attractive and competitive business locations in the world.

Did you know...?

The financial market turmoil caused by the coronavirus crisis was a catalyst for sustainable investments.

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