Technology and innovation

Technologies and innovation not only drive the economy and society, but they are also central to the Swiss asset management industry in order to remain competitive in the long term.

The promotion of new technologies and innovations to strengthen the Swiss asset management location is a strategic goal of AMAS to ensure the international competitiveness of the Swiss asset management industry in the future.

To this end, AMAS is committed to shaping framework conditions that enable forward-looking and innovative initiatives and their rapid implementation to remain competitive in the global technology race. To achieve these goals, AMAS works with members, partner organizations and is in close dialogue with authorities and regulators.

Switzerland has excellent prerequisites in this technology race with its international talent pool, its universities and the existing DLT cluster.

AMAS has defined two focus topics that are particularly relevant for the future of asset management.

Tokenization of funds

Tokenization is one of the focus topics at AMAS. On the one hand, this concerns the tokenization of underlying assets such as traditional asset classes or cryptocurrencies, but also the tokenization of funds themselves. The latter is of great interest to asset managers: the asset management industry is hoping for efficiency gains using smart contracts, but possibly also an increase in transparency and liquidity. Finally, new, interesting distribution channels could also emerge from this. In addition, the use of tokens offers the possibility to store further information on the blockchain, such as legal ownership, transparency and compliance requirements or ESG data.

In asset management locations such as the US or Ireland, regulators and industry are already working on the regulatory framework for tokenized funds. AMAS sees one of its most important tasks in identifying the legal gaps and requirements to create a competitive regulatory environment for tokenized funds in Switzerland as well.
Swiss Digital Asset Custody Report 2023

Mass customization

Through mass customization and the corresponding technological applications, investors can already obtain a broadly diversified equity portfolio even with the smallest assets. Mass customization thus has the potential to make traditional investment funds superfluous. In the USA, so-called segregated managed accounts are already on the rise and represent direct competition to traditional investment funds.

Mass customization providers often operate in a less regulated area. To ensure a level playing field, a forward-looking and technology-neutral regulation is necessary that considers investor protection and the interests of our industry.

Education platform «evrlearn»

A dimension of innovation also includes the availability of highly qualified, motivated asset management specialists. Education and training offers, for example in the area of sustainable investments, digital assets or in the FinTech sector, are indispensable. Exchange platforms help to share knowledge and discuss new ideas. On our upskilling page, which we jointly operate with Evrlearn, we have collected possible training and further education courses. You can find categorized offers in the areas of Sustainable Finance, Private Markets, Blockchain and Crypto or Sales and Marketing.