Gruppenbild Team

The Executive Board implements the strategy and specific decisions of the Board of Directors. It is the center of competence for information, offering members an efficient partner with a wealth of experience in the industry.

Schatzmann neutral

Adrian Schatzmann

Chief Executive Officer

Artus neutral

Stephan Artus

Senior Business Counsel

Bossong lowres

Michel Bossong

Senior Pensions Expert


Annina Brusil

Senior Business Manager

De Matteis neutral

Eva De Matteis

Communications Manager

Dinkelmann neutral

Markus Dinkelmann

Analyst Asset Management


Aurélia Fäh

Senior Sustainability Expert

Hody neutral

Peter Hody

Senior Communications Manager / Media spokesperson

Mueller lowres

Veronika Müller

Senior Legal Counsel

Schaeren neutral

Simon Schären

Senior Legal Counsel


Kátrin Schweren

Senior Public Affairs Expert

Toffel neutral

Guillaume Toffel

Senior Legal Counsel

Zierath neutral

Florence Zierath