The Asset Management Association Switzerland is the representative association of the Swiss asset management industry. It aims to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading center for asset management with high standards of quality, performance, and sustainability. To this end, it supports its members in developing the Swiss asset management industry and adding value for investors over the long term. The Asset Management Association Switzerland is an active member of the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA), the Swiss Finance Council (SFC) and The International Investment Funds Association (IIFA). Founded in Basel in 1992, the Asset Management Association Switzerland currently has 180 members.


We aim at strengthening Switzerland as a leading asset management center with highest standards for quality, performance and sustainability.


We are committed to support our members in their efforts to build a strong Swiss asset management industry and to create long term value for investors.

Strategic topics

  • Strengthen Swiss Asset Management
    Support and promote the success of the Swiss asset management industry and its individual member firms
  • Innovation
    Foster innovation, new technologies and an innovation-friendly domestic regulation
  • Pensions & Savings
    Work towards an ideal operating framework that allows the management of pensions and savings in the most professional, cost-effective way.
  • Sustainable Asset Management
    Promote Switzerland as a leading hub for sustainable asset management

Legal form / Internal organization

The Asset Management Association Switzerland is an association as defined under Art. 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code (CC). The rights and obligations of the members and the association's bodies, as well as the purpose of the association, are regulated in the Articles of Association. The internal organization is defined in the Organizational Regulations. These regulations cover in particular the competencies of the association's bodies and form the basis for the smooth running of the association.