Retirement provision and investment

The Swiss asset management industry plays a central role in financing the pension funds, the OASI/DI, the occupational pension BVG as well as the private pension in the 3rd pillar. Of the estimated total assets of over 1 trillion Swiss francs in occupational pension provision throughout Switzerland, over 40 percent are generated by the "third contributor", i.e. from the investment income of the pension funds. With their investment solutions, asset managers see it as their duty to make a relevant contribution to the national economy through risk-adjusted returns.

Both Swiss and international studies attest to the good reputation of the Swiss pension system. The investment managers achieve above-average returns compared to the benchmarks, and the asset management costs tend to decrease and, at around 0.5 per cent, are considered low in international comparison.

Nevertheless, the Swiss pension system tends to fall behind in international comparison. AMAS aims to strengthen the role of the "third contributor" with asset management as a solution provider in the ongoing reform efforts. With every franc generated by asset management services, the Swiss population will have toaccept fewer benefit cuts.

AMAS is therefore committed to optimally exploiting the risk capacity in the pension funds so that better returns can be achieved, and the saved pension capital is secured in the long term.