Swiss Climate Scores


The Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS), the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) welcome the Swiss Climate Scores, which have been developed under the auspices of the federal government and in association with sector experts and NGOs. To provide meaningful, comparative information as a basis for assessing the Paris alignment of financial investments, they introduce six indicators matched to existing, internationally established criteria and methods:

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Exposure to fossil fuels
  3. Global warming potential of portfolio companies
  4. Verified commitments to net zero
  5. Credible climate dialogue
  6. Management to net zero

The indicators give financial institutions a common framework to guide them. The next step is a pilot phase to gather market experience. Use of the Scores is voluntary for financial institutions. Owing to a lack of data in certain areas and the need to develop guidance on using them, they are not currently applicable to all forms of investment. During the pilot phase, the financial industry will develop further specifications for the individual indicators to assist those using the Scores in practice, with the aim of ensuring rapid take-up. The pilot phase will also show whether the Scores need to be optimised and, if so, how this should be achieved.

Template for calculation

AMAS and Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) have created a template that ensures a standardised calculation of the various SCS indicators and presents the results in a uniform manner. This Excel template is based on expert consensus and is available to the public.
Presentation Swiss Climate Scores

Download SCS template (Version October 2022)

Media Release 06/2022

Switzerland leads the way with launch of Swiss Climate Scores for financial investments