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The "Swiss Stewardship Code" provides guidance for asset managers, asset owners and financial service providers. It was drawn up by the Asset Management Association Switzerland and Swiss Sustainable Finance to promote the active exercise of shareholder rights by investors in Switzerland. Investor stewardship is fundamental to effective investing and to the promotion of sustainable enterprises.

Through sustainable investments, more and more investors in Switzerland are committed to making a significant contribution to achieving the sustainability targets set by the Federal Council, in the process positioning Switzerland as a leading hub for sustainable finance. Sustainable financial investments and services not only help reduce investment risks, but also positively support desired economic, societal and environmental changes. Investor stewardship, which requires active dialogue with companies and the exercising of investor voting rights, is a key approach for achieving this goal and is becoming increasingly important not just in Switzerland, but on an international level.

AMAS and SSF, supported by pension funds, asset managers and service providers, have responded by developing the Swiss Stewardship Code as the standard for the Swiss financial centre. The Code defines what contemporary investor stewardship entails and lays the foundation for more proactive exercising of shareholder voting rights by Swiss financial actors, as well as providing greater transparency and improved comparability.

Integrating stewardship into the investment processes of the Swiss investment industry promotes a more sustainable and value-enhancing economy, and also helps increase the long-term return for investors, adjusted for sustainability risks. The Code consequently makes an important contribution to the measures for a sustainable financial centre outlined by the Federal Council.

The Swiss Stewardship Code is applicable on a voluntary basis and serves as a recommendation and guidance for integrating stewardship into the investment process. The Code includes nine stewardship principles and describes the most important elements for effective and successful implementation. It is aligned with the Global Stewardship Principles of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the UK Stewardship Code, which together set an international benchmark for investors’ stewardship activities.

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Media Release 12/2023

Effective sustainable investment: the Asset Management Association Switzerland and Swiss Sustainable Finance launch the “Swiss Stewardship Code”
4 October 2023