"For Switzerland as a business location, it's a challenge - and an opportunity".

Edi Aumiller Generali investment

Edi Aumiller
Head of Sales Switzerland, Generali Investments Distribution Switzerland GmbH

Edi Aumiller has been Head of Sales Switzerland at Generali Investments Distribution Switzerland since 2022. Aumiller started his career in private banking at Credit Suisse and moved to asset manager Franklin Templeton in 2011 to join the Swiss distribution team. Aumiller is also an audit expert at AZEK. He holds the CIIA and the CIWM.


With Generali you are competing in Switzerland against globally known asset management brands: How does that work?

Generali's expertise in asset management spans more than 190 years and encompasses various asset classes. Our ecosystem of specialized asset managers manages over 500 billion Euro in investment solutions in both the traditional and alternative sectors. Each asset manager has autonomy on the investment side while being able to benefit from the capabilities of the entire Generali Group - including capital. We are therefore not only competitively positioned, but also have - as they say in English - skin in the game.

The insurer Generali also as an asset manager: What is the strategic logic behind this?

2021, the Generali Group has presented a three-year strategic plan in which the Asset and Wealth Management unit is one of the main pillars. Led by CEO Carlo Trabattoni, our unit aims to establish itself as one of the leading asset managers worldwide. Giving external investors access to our asset management solutions is therefore a logical consequence.

As a relatively new player in the market, is it difficult to recruit the right personnel?

Although new players may face some difficulties in this regard, we are not affected. We have an exceptionally holistic and competitive product platform, and the growth potential is promising. Moreover, we know each other in the market. I am very confident that we will be able to fill the positions envisaged in our growth plan with the best possible quality.

How do you experience the institutional client side in terms of know-how and investment needs?

The institutional market in Switzerland is a heterogeneous market - also in terms of know-how and investment needs. Viewed as a whole, it is a relatively sophisticated market, which is also reflected in investment needs.

Pension funds are probably an important client. How do they differ from other institutional clients in terms of investment needs?

The investment horizon, resilience in their investment decisions, and different regulatory frameworks are probably the big factors where pension funds differ from other channels. In addition, pension funds also have to take direct account of demographic trends. This, of course, has an impact on investment needs.

The Swiss market seems well saturated: How does Generali differentiate itself from the competition?

The Swiss market is significant, and every major asset manager of note has a presence in Switzerland, whether locally or through overseas. However, we are confident that with our expertise, our understanding of investment needs, our service culture and long-term oriented strategy, we have a coherent setup to achieve our goals in Switzerland as well.

Swiss asset management is currently experiencing the consolidation of the two largest providers to date: What does this mean for Switzerland as a location?

Well, the consolidation you mention goes beyond Asset Management and will have an impact on the entire value chain in the Swiss financial center. For Switzerland as a location, it is a challenge - and, as with every challenge, also an opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing how it is implemented.

Besides asset management: What do you like to drop everything for?

Besides work and family, there is relatively little time left. But I'm always up for a soccer game, a concert, a hike or just a cold beer with good friends. With three active children who are both passionate about skiing and snowboarding, winter sports are a big deal. And in the summer, you're also great for letting tennis and shuttlecocks fly around your ears - or rather, demonstrating them.