Circulars, guidelines and forms

In addition to its implementing ordinances for financial market legislation, FINMA publishes circulars and guidance notes.

Due to FinSA / FinIA, the implementing ordinances are currently being revised.
See also FINMA Ordinances

Guidelines and forms for collective investment schemes

In order to streamline procedures, in particular for institutions wishing to submit a license application, the FINMA has issued various guidelines. There is no official translation of FINMA guidelines and forms into English. You may download the original versions either in German or French from the FINMA's website, under "Institutions" in the sections Collective Investment Schemes (German: "Kollektive Kapitalanlagen" / French: "Placements collectifs de capitaux"), Asset managers (German: "Vermögensverwalter" / French: "Gestionnaires") and Distributors (German: "Vertriebsträger" / French: "Distributeurs").